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Keeping Your Fine Fabrics, Carpets & Leathers in Excellent Condition 

There is a lot more involved in keeping your house well-maintained than simply running a vacuum once a week. While some household tasks can be completed in a short amount of time, other chores are so arduous that it is no wonder they always make it to the bottom of your to-do list. Still others are impossible to perform unless you have specialized cleaning equipment that can safely cleanse your valuable furniture and upholstery without damaging the delicate surface. 

The good news is that our dedicated team at FibermarkMTC has all the experience, techniques, advanced technology, and equipment to accomplish this for you. For superior Santa Monica cleaning, protection, and restoration services without any of the stress, just reach out today for devoted support.

Contact us now at (310) 340-2793 and our knowledgeable team members would be happy to answer all of your questions regarding your home cleaning needs.

Total Care for Every Aspect of Your Home

Trying to account of all the different furnishings, fixtures, appliances, furniture, and décor in your house that require cleaning is an exhausting process in of itself. If you are looking around and feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to be accomplished to restore your home back to its original state, just remember that there is no need to be anxious. Our skilled technicians are ready to return your belongings to their initial beautiful quality, or even looking better than ever before. 

At Fibermark Mark The Carpetbagger, we understand that maintaining your fabrics can be an ongoing process and accidents happen. That is why we proudly offer a comprehensive service agreement, which allows you to reach out to our skilled cleaners if any spills or damage occurs, and we will happily restore your fabrics at no extra cost. 

Get in touch with us now with any questions about our comprehensive care services, including:

Absolute Protection of Your Priceless Belongings

Not only are there so many belongings that need thorough maintenance to stay valuable, but these precious items are often so fragile or delicate that typical cleaning sprays and chemicals would instantly ruin them. At FibermarkMTC, we go above and beyond when it comes to ensuring that your priceless furniture, rugs, décor, and more are fully protected. 

We have a huge, fully equipped plant that allows us to carefully use specialized techniques and tools to restore the aesthetic appearance and texture of your items. This includes treatment of delicate, one-of-a-kind rugs, and people from all over the world trust us to clean their rug cleaning. 

Additionally, we have a devoted three-step process of detailed spot-treatment, thorough shampooing, and then careful steam cleaning, which allows us to ensure your carpets are completely cleaned while being totally safeguarded from harm. Throughout the whole process of caring for any kind of fixture or piece of furniture, we are always dedicated to the care of safely transporting your belongings back and forth. We only use specialized equipment, rather than generic truck mounts or machines that could damage fragile surfaces or delicate structures.

Tailoring Our Services to Your Needs

At FibermarkMTC, we believe in personalizing every single service we offer to our loyal customers. Even if two carpets are made of the same materials, they could require completely different care techniques, depending on their individual conditions, makes, size of fibers, or design pattern. We never just perform a one-size-fits-all standard, but tailor our process to fit the precise needs of your belongings.

Call us today at (310) 340-2793 or contact us online to ask about our free estimates for any Santa Monica cleaning, protection, and restoration services.

Our Reviews Speak For Themselves

  • “Also, it was done quickly and I highly recommend FiberMark.”

    - Annie A.
  • “Our company, MODERN RESALE, has been using Fibermark for many years. We have never been disappointed in the quality of work or service they provide.”

    - Marlise S.
  • “Far exceeded expectations, to say the least.”

    - Frank M.
  • “So thankful I found your shop, I will be coming back for sure!”

    - Dina H.
  • “We had sent out our rug to be cleaned and it was brought back promptly.”

    - Christopher G.
  • “I have used Fibermark for years and have always been amazed by the miracles they have performed!”

    - Lainie S.
  • “I work for a 50,000+ square foot estate in the Los Angeles area and have been lucky enough to have been introduced to Mark and his team at Fibermark. He is my favorite kind of vendor, quiet as a mouse and I wouldn’t even know they were in the home if”

    - Courtney P.
  • “I have (expensive) white/natural New Zealand wool carpet in my home. FibermarkMTC is the only company I trust to clean it. They do an amazing job. I also used them to clean my office carpet which was very soiled.”

    - Diane C.
  • “Great product. Great guys. Great service.”

    - Kirk C.
  • “I am an Estate Manager who works with high-profile entertainment clients. I have a heck of a time when my principal’s dogs decide to go to the bathroom and I have 24 hours to get the rugs picked up, cleaned and back in place so nobody notices anythin”

    - Will Y.
  • ““Mark is a genuine person who values his customers and their products very highly. I dealt with Mark personally for my home and professionally for property management over the course of four years while living in LA. He and his company provided consi”

    - Kathryn W.
  • ““FibermarkMTC was able to recover a custom made sheepskin rug not once but twice! They miraculously maintained the texture and appearance of the original even when cleaning red wine stains and “mistakes” from our puppy.”

    - Smith F.
  • “FibermarkMTC provides superior service for high end clients. I managed a gorgeous Brentwood property and FibermarkMTC performed incredible service to luxury carpets throughout the home for over 3 years.”

    - Former Client.
  • “Mark started working for my family at least 10 years. I have been using mark with FibermarkMTC and now with his new company Fibermark Mark the Carpetbagger. I have all white carpets, white furniture and literally have no worries. I am always amazed at the ”

    - Liz G.
  • “Sorry for the delayed response but I wanted to see what the carpet would look like after it had an opportunity to dry and the temporary walking paper was thrown away. My wife and I both feel the same; we’re very pleased with work done and the profess”

    - David K.
  • “FibermarkMTC has been our carpet and upholstery cleaning company of choice for over 6 years. FibermarkMTC and Mark Goodman in particular, have always been responsive to our needs and ready to help in times of crisis. Mark handles our calls promptly and tak”

    - Chantal P.
  • “After a wonderful Christmas morning at our house we noticed our brand new couch had not survived all of the kid’s dirty feet! I emailed Mark at FibermarkMTC the day after Christmas and he was quick to return my email and provide the kind words that I”

    - La Donna W.
  • “Thanks Mark, for always making our clients happy!” We have been working with Fibermark for many years and have recommended hundreds of people to them for everything from cleaning, stain removal, fabric protection, leather cleaning and repair.”

    - Stacia V.
  • “have a number of carpets from around the world which were in dire need of a good cleaning. Mark Goodman examined the carpets, told me what they would need to be restored to excellent condition and did just that.”

    - Keith P.
  • “Had a leather ottoman reconditioned and the quality of the work was excellent.”

    - Jeff B.
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